Power of Presentations in SEO industry



Good presentation skills are essential in the SEO industry. Presentation is the best way to express as it covers a lot of technical information. There are few nuggets of practical advice for creating a presentation.

1. Plan a good presentation.

Take time to learn exactly what you and your audience want to achieve from your presentation.  Make an outline of everything you want to talk about but it should be around the subject. Elaborate each outline and than once again go through and refine your presentation.

2. Choose a Memorable Title and Write an Interesting Description

The overall quality of your presentation is very important but if the title and description are boring, users won’t even bother to open the link and see all the greatness. This is why you need to write a memorable and informative title and an interesting description that will make users click on it instead of go away. In order to get maximum SEO effect, both the title and description must have your keywords – but don’t overstuff because this will have the adverse effect.

3. Keep Your Structure Simple and Your Points Short

Remember, this is a presentation, not a novel, so you don’t have enough space for complex structures and/or lengthy explanations. Keep your structure simple to follow and your points short – this is the recipe for a successful presentation. Additionally, use large font sizes for the text and try not to include more than 7 lines of text per slide.

4. Don’t Forget to Include the URL of Your Site

Include the URL to your slideshow. You can include the URL at the end of the presentation, so after users have finished viewing it, if they want more information, they can get it from your site.

5. Make the Design of Your Presentation Outstanding

We already mentioned that your presentation must be of supreme quality. Content is important but when it’s not packaged in an attractive cover, users won’t pay much attention to it. This is why you need to make your presentation visually attractive. Make a very attractive starting slide because this draws lots of attention.

However, be careful not to overdose. Your presentation must be not only attractive but it also must be stylish. To achieve this, don’t overload it with effects because this will make it cluttered and/or heavy to open.

6. Upload your Presentations

There are various sites available which provide free uploading. Some of them are :

When you prepare your presentation, you might want to make it a bit more sensational by exaggeration. Needless to say, this is a very wrong approach and it can turn against you. Your presentations need to be honest and true – don’t exaggerate, don’t overhype because this will only make users distrust you.

As for the form of the presentation, it is best to save it as PDF rather than .PPS because with so many devices you never know how a .PPS will look like. PDF looks always the same, so stick with it.

7. Promote Your Presentation

No matter how great your presentation is, if you don’t promote it, it might not get good traffic. This is why, when you upload the presentation, share the link on Facebook, Twitter, social bookmarking sites, Pinterest, and on your blog to ensure it gets maximum exposure.

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