Major 5 Link Building Techniques

link-building SEO has the ability to drive massive traffic to any web site, provided you are doing it right. The number one ranking factor, by far, is the number and quality of links pointed at your website. In olden days all you needed was great number of links pointing at your site to rank for most any phrase. Google told us they cared about quality, relevant links, but what they said and what they did were two different things. Today, all that has changed.

Today Google is backing up the tough talk with a hard-core focus on quality and relevant links to your site; and a bunch of low quality links and over-optimized anchor text will do you no good at all.

So all this begs the question; if you can’t just go out and automate your link building, how do you actually build links to your website?

Here are 10 ways to build links that still work today, along with specific recommendations and tips to help you master each link building technique.

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Value of Link – All links created are not equal for search engines

value of links

The value of links while performing SEO on your site is extremely important. While keyword stuffing used to work well previously but today it is much harder and more competitive to rank well for a widely searched term. Besides on page factors, the most important factor search engines look at when ranking your site is backlinks. In relation to these backlinks, they must be decent-to-great in terms of quality.

Quality over Quantity Continue reading

How to Determine Your Social Media Success

Social media marketing, like other online marketing tactics, is a long term investment. Simply setting up social profiles and starting to share some content isn’t going to result in a quick uptick in sales or conversions. Social profiles take time to build. Marketers get this but it’s usually the “money people” in the company that don’t and tend to get frustrated. A successful social media campaign involves an investment and it can be difficult measure the exact social media ROI. Sometimes this means that social media activity gets scrapped altogether. It shouldn’t! There are ways to gauge social media success that can be reported back to management.

Here are 3 items to monitor on a regular basis that tie social media to brand visibility (which eventually impacts sales): Continue reading

Power of Presentations in SEO industry


Good presentation skills are essential in the SEO industry. Presentation is the best way to express as it covers a lot of technical information. There are few nuggets of practical advice for creating a presentation.

1. Plan a good presentation.

Take time to learn exactly what you and your audience want to achieve from your presentation.  Make an outline of everything you want to talk about but it should be around the subject. Elaborate each outline and than once again go through and refine your presentation. Continue reading

SEO 5 Super Signals

seo signals5 SEO signals are QUART:


Whether it’s on-site or off, content level or code level, clearly identifiable as user experience-related or muddier as far as “is this truly a user experience issue?” — or some combination of these, it always comes down to the big five, referred as, “Super-Signals:” QUART.
All SEO Super Signals Matter
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Twitter, Twitter & Twitter

tweet guide

Download twitter guide for beginner’s
is an online social networking service and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as “tweets“.
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Favicons – Plays an additional role in brand promotion

favicon_browserWhat is Favicon ?
Favicons or ‘Favourite Icons’ are tiny 16×16 or 32×32 pixel square logos/ icons that appears to  the left of the browser’s address bar. They can be static or animated. It is also known as page icon or url icon. Continue reading

Importance of XML Sitemap

xml_sitemapXML Sitemap instructs search engines about the page structure of your site. There are pages that may not be discoverable by search engines crawling process so building and submission of XML sitemap ensures that all site pages crawled and indexed by search engines. Also, new and updated pages get indexed more quickly. Continue reading